(DE) Hochautomatisiertes Warenlogistik-Monitoring bei Europas größtem Handelsunternehmen


In cooperation with ConSol Consulting & Solutions Software GmbH in the last years a worldwide distributed highly automatic monitoring of logistics centres based on OMD was developed. Now, it consists of more than 200 cascaded and self-sufficient units that provide the administrators on site and in the central control with valuable information concerning their infrastructure and reporting-data. In addition to automatically generated infrastructure and server checks, also detailed business process- and end-to-end monitoring is used, to create detailed visualization in addition to notifications. The system, which has run smoothly for several years, is currently being transferred onto the OMD Labs Edition, to ensure that it will handle future challenges such as container-monitoring. Furthermore, all approximately 11,000 branches of the subsidiaries are to be connected to the system.