What the HACK?!

The last conference day is dedicated to nothing but hacking. We invite you to take part in OSMC’s Hackathon, where everyone, from first-timer to full-stack dev, beginner to hardcore coders, is up to collaborate intensively on new software projects.

We will start the day with a short round of introductions, then run a brainstorming session for possible topics. Afterwards the participants have the opportunity to form groups and work together on a specific solution. Most important however, is that no development orders are placed but rather a real implementation is elaborated.

You would like to join us? Then register for the OSMC 2017 Hackathon and enjoy a great time building the coolest things you have ever dreamt of.

The Hackathon takes place on the fourth day of the OSMC: November 24, 2017 from 10am to 5pm, including the following services:

Silver package covers:

  • Access to all conference talks
  • Intensive collaboration between developers and users
  • WIFI access in the conference area
  • comprehensive board

Gold package covers:

  • Silver package
  • One night accommodation on Nov 23
  • Dinner on Nov 23

Buy your Hackathon ticket here