AI Driven Observability based on Open Source (EN)

Observability & monitoring of resources are growing every day and it is inevitable to analyse all the data points to arrive at a solution. At Mercedes-Benz we have developed an open source Data Metric Analyzer and drive it with Data Science to identify Anomalies. As part of this talk, I / we would like to discuss about how we established the entire Data Processing Eco-System based on Open Source. Different technologies that would be talked about includes:

– Python: Data Science Components
– Airflow: Data Orchestration for metrics
– Telegraf: Data Collection
– TimescaleDB: Data Store for Timeseries Data
– Grafana + Streamlit: Visualization


  • Satish Karunakaran
    Satish Karunakaran
    Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation GmbH

    Satish Karunakaran – a Data Enthusiast. He has been working with Mercedes-Benz / Daimler for the past 6 years as Data / Database Architect and has been in the field of Data for the past 19 years. In the recent times he has been hugely interested in Observability systems to manage the resources efficiently on the Cloud Databases.


Nov 16 2022


14:45 - 15:15