check_vsphere (EN)

Currently the two dominant check scripts for VMware/Vsphere are check_vmware_esx and check_vmware_api. But they have a problem: they are based on the Perl SDK provided by VMware, which they have deprecated. You may already see problems when checking against newer VMware installations. So, we need a plugin in a different language. That’s why I started a new plugin written in Python using the Python SDK which is not deprecated. While doing this I also studied the check_vmware_esx/api and found out that they actually doing a very bad job with metrics based checks. Also, the VMware API is… well… let’s say over-engineered. So, this talk is about what I’ve learned during the implementation, what the current plugins do wrong, the overengineered VMware API and what the current state of the new plugin is.



Nov 16 2022


09:30 - 10:00