Customer Centric Monitoring

“Everything works on my machine” – despite the fact the customer still can’t login, search for items or buy the offered products. Nowadays applications are using micro-service architectures and serverless runtimes. Apps are sometimes deployed on multiple clouds, using Kubernetes, the Hashicorp Stack, or other schedulers. SRE, SLO, observability and tracing are cool, but somehow, we lost the customers point of view and in 2024 still we see apps go down due to invalid TLS certificates. In this talk I’ll show you the basics of “customer centric monitoring” which I see as the basis of a proper monitoring stack – certificates, application & browser errors, performance, and simple certificates. We’ll also talk about different open source tools that can be used along the way – to really cover the customer.


  • Andreas Lehr
    Andreas Lehr
    We Manage UG

    Andreas is passionate for all things powering the modern web and helping Teams at Schwarz IT with all challenges around cloud, scaling, reliability, and monitoring. Besides that, he is bootstrapping his own company called “We Manage” where his teams help companies with DevOps, Cloud and SRE challenges. In addition, he is writing a weekly newsletter (German) on Cloud News and Open-Source at


Nov 20 - 21 2024