(EN) Buzzword Bingo with NSClient++

In a world of Cloud, Containers and Micro Services are the classic model of monitoring hosts still relevant?
In this talk I will share my view on how to make sense of moniroting in a world of metrics and lets see how we can bridge the two models with a little help from NSClient++ up-coming support for Cloud, Containers, and some other buzwords.


Nov 05 2019


09:15 - 10:15




  • Michael Medin
    Michael Medin

    Michael Medin is a senior architect and open source developer and has (among other things) written the de-facto agent for monitoring (among other things) windows based servers from (among other things) Nagios: NSClient++. In his not-so-spare time he works as an architect building middleware on mainly Oracle using Java, XML and various Web Service and REST technologies. When he is not working diligently at his computer he is often found riding his mountain bike along some rocky single track in the glorious Swedish countryside.

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