(EN) Handling 250K flows per second with OpenNMS: a case study

What does it take to go from no flow support, to handling huge volumes of heterogeneous flow data in a 100% open-source monitoring stack, in a real-world environment? Expect a brief refresher on flows, an overview of the customer environment, and discussion of the engineering challenges faced. A medium dive follows into the movement of flow data from ingest to query and display, the solution architecture as it exists today, and lessons learned and their application to the project roadmap.


  • Jeff Gehlbach
    Jeff Gehlbach
    The OpenNMS Group

    Jeff has spent decades working with free software of many kinds, and network monitoring tools of many descriptions. In 2007 he joined The OpenNMS Group, where he has worked as a support engineer, solutions architect, sales engineer, and now as a technical product manager.

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