(EN) Ignite | How Observability is not killing Monitoring

When the term Observability came up we were all told that we don’t have to care about our systems anymore. We should move all of our infrastructure to the cloud, into containers and finally serverless will solve not only all our monitoring issues but all other things as well. Reality shows that this is not the case for most of us. While the importance of observability is given, we should not forget about everything we learned to make our monitoring suck less.



Nov 05 2019


14:15 - 14:20




  • Blerim Sheqa
    Blerim Sheqa
    Icinga GmbH

    Blerim is the CPO of Icinga, an open source monitoring solution. He spent years in systems engineering before switching to development and then to product management where he takes care of the Icinga product line. He’s a committer and maintainer of various open source projects with a passion for automation.

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