(EN) How to be a good cloud citizen

Providing customers with Infrastructure and Platform services is more than just throwing hardware into a datacenter and whipping up some way to bill your customers. So, what’s the definition of a good cloud citizen? Customers and users should have ways to easily integrate cloud offerings into their software stack – starting with a means of orchestration and automation, ranging all the way to metrics, monitoring as well as billing. How does a good, customer friendly API look and which parts of an ecosystem can be built and provided to assure these. Which toolsets are supported as part of cloud agnostic approaches and where are their limits? While there are many technical aspects of providing customer friendly cloud components there are socialocial ones as well. A lot of cloud offerings are built upon open source and it is up to us cloud providers to play our part in that, and make sure we’re not just takers. The audience will be given a view of how these challenges can be tackled from the providers viewpoint as well as given concrete examples on how to approach cloud agnostic aspects from the customers/users viewpoint.


Nov 06 2019


09:30 - 10:30




  • Felix Kronlage
    Felix Kronlage
    gridscale GmbH

    Being an Open Source and unix geek Felix has been in the IT infrastructure business and oss community since the late 1990s. His time divides between his work as the COO at gridscale, where he is responsible for product and platform, being a member of the board of the OSB Alliance, coaching startups and road cycling.

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