(EN) HRS-Connect – Open Source IoT Monitoring

The expansion of hydrogen refueling stations in Germany and Europe is progressing rapidly. But how to maintain the overview of all relevant parameters and fault messages? How can the refuelling processes be analysed in realtime in order to improve the systems together with the manufacturers? And how does the data from the system actually get into the monitoring system? This presentation will show how a powerful IoT monitoring solution was developed based on the hardware of the RevPi platform and open source software such as Ansible, Icinga2, InfluxDB and Grafana, which helps to ensure the availability of the hydrogen infrastructure and optimize it further.


Nov 05 2019


15:15 - 15:45




  • Nicolai Buchwitz
    Nicolai Buchwitz

    Nicolai loves to fiddle around with Hardware and build various monitoring software for his customers. He is also known as the developer of some Icinga modules like the map module.

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