(EN) Idiot! – or: Why BOFH is toxic

Behaviour is mirrored so as the choice of words reflects the mood and the feelings that are transported. Keeping that in mind will make you happier and with that a better colleague. How speech and behavior can have an influence on your health, your happiness, and your work – but also how others speak about you and your work. Even if you do volunteer work in open source all that count and might have influence if a user works with the product or move somewhere else. Why does that count? Because a change starts always with yourself and the internet need more love.


Nov 06 2019


15:15 - 15:45




  • Jan Doberstein
    Jan Doberstein

    Jan is working for the Company Graylog, that develop the software Graylog. He does Support for the Community and the paying customer and had similar jobs over the past 20 years, always dealing with people. People that need help, people that are angry and are in real pain about their issues and he always tries to help them.

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