(EN) inspectIT Ocelot: Dynamic OpenTelemetry Instrumentation at Runtime

If you want to trace or extract specific data from a Java application with OpenTelemetry, you usually have to modify the application’s code. However, this is often not possible, especially with bought-in software. We would like to show, how the open source inspectIT Ocelot Java agent can be used to dynamically inject OpenTelemetry code at runtime for extracting specific application and business data – and all this without having to adapt the application itself.


  • Marius Oehler
    Marius Oehler
    Novatec Consulting GmbH

    Marius Oehler is a Senior Consultant at Novatec Consulting GmbH and maintainer of inspectIT Ocelot and the OpenAPM initiative. He consults customers on all aspects of monitoring and application performance management and is involved in the development of solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.

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