(EN) ITSM by Asterix and friends

You can only monitor systems that you know!
GLPI is a very successful open source ITSM solution, the project follows a modular approach and can therefore be extended by many very useful plugins. And yes … GLPI is mainly “French” 😊 !
In this very short introduction, I’ll will give you a rapid overview how to:

– automate your IT inventory to manage pc’s, servers, vm’s, vmware, …
– add printers and network components via “snmp”
– add special assets like databases, appliances, URL’s, lines, racks, datacenters…
– add additional information’s to all this components
– add people from your LDAP / AD
– add plugins to GLPI
– build reports
– import / export your data
– handle tickets, problems, changes, or projects

In my second presentation “Monitoring @ G&D ” I will later show you how we’ve automated our monitoring with the help of GLPI, some db view’s and python scripts.


  • Karsten Fischer
    Karsten Fischer
    Giesecke & Devrient

    Karsten has been working at Giesecke & Devrient for 20 years now. Before that he worked at the “Advance Bank” and the “Bayerische Vereinsbank”.
    His current focus (for about 2 years) is in the area of SAP Basis Administration, earlier Karsten worked at G&D on different topics like IT Security (PKI with Smartcards, Firewalls, VPN), Network, Monitoring (Icinga), Log-Management (ELK), IT Asset Management (GLPI), LDAP, Databases, Programming, …

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