(EN) Monitoring Cockpit for Kubernetes Clusters

Monitoring Kubernetes Clusters with Prometheus is state of the art. The difficulty is to find the significant metrics from the vast amount of available metrics. This talk shows a Monitoring Cockpit defined to get a quick overview of the cluster health and usage. It uses the Standard Metrics available for Kubernetes/OpenShift Clusters and their standard services. The monitoring solution is based on Prometheus, using InfluxDB for central long term storage and Grafana.


Nov 05 2019


15:15 - 15:45




  • Ulrike Klusik
    Ulrike Klusik
    ConSol Consulting & Solutions Software GmbH

    Ulrike Klusik is working as open source monitoring consultant for ConSol Software GmbH(https://www.consol.de/), where she currently focuses on monitoring with Prometheus in OpenShift clusters. She has a vast experience in analyzing and visualizing data, especially performance data and metrics.

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