(EN) Monitoring Open Infrastructure Logs – With Real Life Examples

This session is a mix of discussion & live demo topics:

– Intro to OpenInfra/OpenStack (Why you need your own Cloud)
– What Service Logs to gather and how to format and filter them
– Optimizing data as time series indeces
– Visualizing large quantity of Logs – what’s important?
– Demo Scenario: Response Times – maintaining your SLAs
– Demo Scenario: Tracking Storage growth over time – predicting when to expand
– Demo Scenario: Identifying priority service problems
– Demo of building custom visualizations


  • Marcelo Perazolo
    Marcelo Perazolo
    IBM Corporation

    Marcelo Perazolo is a Lead Architect for the IBM Cognitive Systems organization and is based in Raleigh, NC. He drives planning and strategy for Monitoring & Operations of infrastructure products and offerings, such as the IBM Cloud, OpenShift and PowerVC. He started his IBM career in 1990.

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