(EN) Monitoring the health of your system with Foreman

The talk is about which metrics you can obtain from Foreman for analysis and how you can gather them. Obtaining metrics from Foreman is useful for troubleshooting a current issue, and capacity planning. The metrics from Foreman includes basic statistics including memory and CPU utilization, system load, memory utilization, and input/output operations; Apache HTTP Server activity statistics; PostgreSQL activity statistics, etc. Foreman also offers a dashboard with some widgets that can be used for monitoring hosts and products which provides host configuration status overview, tasks and last warnings and errors also system facts (facter) gathered by Puppet can be captured per system in regular time intervals.


Nov 06 2019


16:00 - 16:30




  • Nikhil Kathole
    Nikhil Kathole
    Red Hat

    Nikhil is Quality Engineer at Red Hat. He is a Pythonist, open source enthusiast and an upstream contributor. He contributes mostly to the testing of foreman project, develop testing frameworks, manage CI/CD as day job and is the organizer of Foreman Pune Meetups.

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