(EN) Open Source Application Performance Monitoring in the Enterprise

I will show our journey of the implementation/integration of an Open Source Application Performance Monitoring solution, based on

– inspect-IT (http://inspectit.rocks)
– OpenCensus (http://opencensus.io)
– Jaeger (http://jaegertracing.io)
– InfluxDB (http://influxdata.com)
– Grafana (http://grafana.com)

We are instrumenting more than 1.000 JVMs and more than 100 applications. We are using JVM-Instrumentation and JS/Browser/End-User-Monitoring to measure the performance from our applications. I will pitfalls and success of the Implementation. And how it could help for application-performance-monitoring.


  • Sascha Brechmann
    Sascha Brechmann
    VHV Versicherung

    I am working with Linux more than 25 Years and have more than 15Yeares experience with monitoring. Started with Nagios over Icinga and CheckMK to Influx/Grafana. I am working in the Monitoring-Team at a insures Corp. from Hannover.

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