(EN) Open Source distributed Tracing Tools on an Angular/Symfony (JavaScript/PHP) stack

Research done at Inuits towards the distributed tracing possibilities for a JavaScript/PHP-stack, more specifically the Angular and Symfony frameworks. Manual implementation were too time consuming, so research towards auto instrumentation through dependency injection on both frameworks was done. Tools researched include Zipkin, OpenTracing (Jaeger), OpenCensus and we also had a quick look at Elastic APM.


Nov 05 2019


16:00 - 16:30




  • Jonas Verhofsté
    Jonas Verhofsté

    Jonas is a beginning system engineer at Inuits with a passion for IT and Open Source. He likes to automate stuff he has to do more than two times, i.e. work hard once and be lazy afterwards. He is also always down for a chat with a cup of coffee or a cold beer!

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