(EN) pg_stat_monitor: A cool extension for better database (PostgreSQL) monitoring

The pg_stat_monitor is the statistics collection tool based on PostgreSQL’s contrib module pg_stat_statements. PostgreSQL’s pg_stat_statements provides only basic statistics, which is sometimes not enough. The major shortcoming in pg_stat_statements is that it accumulates all the queries and statistics, but does not provide aggregated statistics or histogram information. In this case, a user needs to calculate the aggregate, which is quite expensive. Pg_stat_monitor provides the pre-calculated aggregates. pg_stat_monitor collects and aggregates data on a bucket basis. The size and number of buckets should be configured using GUC (Grand Unified Configuration). The buckets are used to collect the statistics and aggregate them in a bucket. The talk will cover the usage of pg_stat_monitor and how it is better than pg_stat_statements.


  • Denys Kondratenko
    Denys Kondratenko
    Percona LLC

    Denys Kondratenko is an engineering manager in Percona LLC. He works
    on Percona Monitoring and Managent (PMM) product. Before Percona he
    had extensive experience in opensource development for storage
    technologies like Ceph and Lustre. He loves Linux and runs openSUSE
    sway on daily basis.

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