(EN) Robotmk: You don’t run IT – you deliver services!

Business applications have to be available, performant and functioning. Full stop. Even with thousands of infrastructure monitoring checks, you won’t be able to even begin to monitor the end-user’s perspective. The fact is: you monitor your IT, but you can only hope that your services will work. Time to change that. Time to use a framework. Time to use Robot Framework. My presentation will show you the demand for End2End-Monitoring and why Robot Framework is an excellent choice for automated application tests. You will also get to know Robotmk, the link between Robot Framework and Checkmk. It dovetails both tools extremely closely and gives your infrastructure monitoring a holistic approach. It is used by companies of diverse branches, as well as by authorities and governments. And once you have discovered the KubernetesLibrary, DataDriver, RequestsLibrary and all the many more libraries, you will not want to put Robot Framework down again. But that’s another story…


  • Simon Meggle
    Simon Meggle

    Simon Meggle works as an independent IT consultant close to Munich. He is the founder of ELABIT GmbH and the author of Robotmk.
    His focal points are IT infrastructure monitoring, Datacenter automation and End2End testing.

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