(EN) Scaling Naemon deployments to Kubernetes with Merlin

Merlin is a module that adds redundancy and load balancing to Naemon. With Merlin it is possible to horizontally scale your monitoring deployment as your monitoring estate increases. In this presentation we’ll give an overview of Merlin and its latest features. We’ll demonstrate how Merlin can be used to scale a Naemon deployment to multiple servers, including new functionality that allows deployment to Kubernetes and making use of Kubernetes autoscaling feature.


  • Jacob Baungård Hansen
    Jacob Baungård Hansen
    ITRS Group

    Jacob Baungård Hansen works as a software engineer at ITRS Group. He mainly works on the OP5 Monitor product which is built on top of several Open Source components. He is part of the Naemon project, currently the main developer of the Merlin project and has contributed to other Open Source projects such as LMD and Monitoring-Plugins.

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