(EN) Still directing the director… and more!

For the monitoring of our systems, we make extensive use of Icinga, its director, and the business process monitoring module. We also make broad use of automation (at least we try to!). In this talk we would like to tell you how we automated the monitoring of our services using our self-written Ansible collections. We will cover how we developed the Ansible components and how we use them. We’ll also show you what we plan to do with them in the future.


  • Daniel Uhlmann
    Daniel Uhlmann
    T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

    Daniel Uhlmann first learned to develop software as a trainee and quickly crossed the line to become a system engineer. Through the passion for Linux and the participation in the open source community he tries to tinker as much as possible with these open source technologies.

  • Sebastian Gumprich
    Sebastian Gumprich
    T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

    Sebastian Gumprich is a Linux and Open Source enthusiast. Coming from a traditional operations background, he now bridges the gap between operations and development and deep-dives in the latest cloud native technologies.

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