(EN) Use Cloud services & features in your redundant Icinga2 Environment

This talk will start with a quick walk through the setup of all required components for a cloud based icinga2, icingaweb2 & icingaweb2-director environment. Focus will be on the configuration and monitoring of keepalived, HAProxy and Galera. Keepalived for example is used to interact with DigitalOcean and manage floating IPs. Examples will show how to use DigitalOcean loadbalancer instead of HAProxy. The talk will end with a summary of experienced limitations and pitfalls.


Nov 06 2019


16:00 - 16:30




  • Marcel Weinberg
    Marcel Weinberg
    Coremedia AG

    Marcel Weinberg is a passionate engineer with focus on efficient, reliable and highly-available platforms. He mastered his skills by building
    (critical) infrastructure for security platforms, real-time communication services and backend services for medical devices as well as corporate websites for global market leaders. He used his strong background to focus on extensive automation and monitoring to meet the high requirements and expectations of his colleagues, employers and customers by introducing new technologies and building strong, skilled teams. He believes in the power of OpenSource and is an active contributor in for various open source communities i.e. Icinga, Ansible.

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