(EN) Use OpenSource monitoring for an Enterprise Grade Platform

There are many tools and frameworks for monitoring. Usually when you think of an Open Source solution, you don’t think to implement it in a COTS product. Nevertheless, this session will tell you how you can implement tools such as Prometheus, Grafana and ELK into such an Enterprise application platform. Monitoring performance, throughput and error rate is important to be in control of your transactions. If you use a Service Bus or SOA/BPM suite product there are a lot out of the box diagnostics waiting for you. The puzzle here is how to get it out in a useful way. Besides of the many commercial solutions also Open Source tools can help you out with it. You can export runtime diagnostics out of the Diagnostics framework, monitor your SOA Composites and trace down Service Bus statistics using Prometheus and Grafana. The session will elaborate how to set up a proper monitoring using these tools, also in a proactive way where automated monitoring is a must for every application environment.


  • Michel Schildmeijer
    Michel Schildmeijer

    Having made his start in the pharmacy sector, Michel transitioned to IT in 1996, working on a UNIX TTY terminal-based system and the MUMPS language. He currently works as a solutions architect at Qualogy, with a focus on middleware, application integration and service-oriented architecture. His passion for middleware started in 2000 when working as a support analyst for a financial institute with BEA WebLogic and Tuxedo. Michel is an expert on the WebLogic platform. He serves customers in his role as architect and advises them in all aspects of their IT landscape. Since a few years he is also a heavy contributor to the OpenSource community and solutions regarding containerization and DevOps.
    Furthermore, he is a well-known expert in the several communities and speaks regular on big events in the EMEA region and worldwide, such as KubeCon, Continuous Delivery Summit, Oracle OpenWorld, Groundbreakers Developers Tours, and several other tech conferences.

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