(EN) Windows: One Framework to Monitor them all

Windows environments are nothing new within the monitoring community. There have been many attempts for integrating Microsofts Operating System including their software solutions with plenty of different attempts. Well, now here is another attempt – trying to bring the Best of both Worlds together and allowing an easier integration of Windows systems including the monitoring components. The new Icinga Monitoring will hopefully not only attract system engineers, but also encourage Developers to bring in own custom Plugins and Checks more easily.


Nov 05 2019


10:30 - 11:30




  • Christian Stein
    Christian Stein

    Christian has been with NETWAYS for 7 years, and presents new and old customers the advantages of open source solutions, and discusses the possibilities of integration with them. With the motto Do not sell what you do not know, he works with tools such as Icinga 2 intensively, to learn the functions and possibilities profoundly.

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