(EN) Zabbix LLD from a C Module

Low-level discovery provides a way to automatically create items, triggers, and graphs for different entities. For instance, Zabbix can automatically start monitoring file systems or network interfaces on your machine, without the need to create items for each file system or network interface manually. Using a real-life practical example which we use to monitor vehicles issued with GPS trackers which communicate via MQTT, we will discuss how we implement Zabbix Low-Level Discovery directly from a C module and how the same C module is used to provide up-to-date information from the vehicles to Zabbix items. This basic principle can easily be adapted to provide similar functionility to Internet of Things (IoT) projects. While it helps if you can read a bit of C language code, we’ll explain what’s going on behind the scenes even if you don’t.


Nov 05 2019


16:45 - 17:45




  • Jan-Piet Mens
    Jan-Piet Mens

    Jan-Piet Mens is an independent Unix/Linux consultant and sysadmin who’s worked with Unix-systems since 1985.
    JP does odd bits of coding, and works extensively with the Domain Name System and as such, he authored the book Alternative DNS Servers as well as a variety of other technical publications. He contributed several modules and the documentation system to the Ansible project and dreamed up the Open Source (MQTT-based) OwnTracks project. JP blogs at https://jpmens.net

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