Fluent Bit, the engine to power Chat Ops

The key to successful Chat Ops is to be able to identify the important information in a timely manner using the best communications channel for a team (which could range from Slack to a bespoke App), and then enable the ops team to take appropriate action. The CNCF observability project Fluent Bit has a number of core characteristics (event-driven and stream analytics features) that allow us to recognize critical events and event patterns as they occur without losing the benefits of traditional log analytics and observability tools. Using Fluent Bit’s connectivity and extensibility allows us to spot critical events and immediately communicate with the right ops staff using social channels or apps in a flexible and versatile manner and return actions to trigger suitable Fluent Bit events. All of which creates the opportunity to react more quickly and even become proactive/preventative. In this session, we’ll look at these capabilities of Fluent Bit that can help us not just get data to the tools for metrics visualization and alarms and post-event analysis but also help us to react more quickly and potentially pre-emptively and show a thought-provoking demo of how Fluent Bit could be used to help empower ops so that we can look after our ‘pets’ or avoid the ‘cattle’ stampeding.


  • Patrick Stephens
    Patrick Stephens

    Pat has over 20 years experience in software engineering, primarily in the defence domain at Thales. The last few years of this were focused on transformation first to containers then Kubernetes. After Thales he worked on the cloud native team at Couchbase, working on their Golang-based Kubernetes operator. This included producing a custom Fluent Bit deployment for observability needs. Calyptia (founded by the Fluent maintainers) then approached him to come work with them building out their observability products prior to their acquisition this year by Chronosphere.


Nov 20 - 21 2024