Git Good – How knowing git can make your life easier (EN)

Defining Service Level Objectives and Service Level Indicators is a really important aspect of implementing SRE. Through service metrics (SLOs, SLIs, Error Budgets), SRE can help us measure our system’s performance and improve customer experience. They not only enable your teams to monitor and plan around reliability, but can also be early predictors of customer satisfaction, NPS, churn rates, and more. With the rise of cloud native technologies, it has become more and more relevant to automate our observability, extending it to an SLO-as-code model. In this session we’ll see how SLOs have evolved and can be used in a Cloud Native world. We’ll then explore how technologies like Kubernetes and Prometheus can help us scale SLOs, while promoting best practices and standards using Observability as code. Finally, we’ll see how to put all these together with Jenkins and Rancher, to operationalize error budgets.


  • Feu Mourek
    Feu Mourek
    Icinga GmbH

    Feu is the Developer Advocate for Icinga – managing communications with the community, sharing insights on stage.
    They have been with the project for almost 6 years now, first as a developer, designer and now as the communication medium, speaker and also a git trainer. With a passion for inclusivity, accessibility and anything new they’re always happy to stop for a chat!


Nov 16 2022


16:30 - 17:00


Nov 16 – Jacobi – afternoon