Icinga for Windows in the Monitoring of Madness (EN)

Developing Icinga for Windows requires many different approaches, to ensure features are properly functioning with new versions of Windows as well as old ones, who support PowerShell by default. We want to give an insight on one hand, what kind of challenges developing Icinga for Windows faces, how sometimes user expectations, developer expectations and reality collide and what the new feature set of Icinga for Windows v1.11.0 ships with.


  • Christian Stein
    Christian Stein

    Christian has been with NETWAYS for over 10 years and presents new and old customers the advantages of open source solutions and discusses the possibilities of integration with them. With the motto “Do not sell what you do not know”, he works with tools such as Icinga 2 intensively, to learn the functions and possibilities profoundly. In addition, he is the lead developer and designer for Icinga for Windows, ensuring monitoring of Windows environments is as easy as possible.


Nov 15 2022


09:15 - 10:15