IcingaWeb2 Modules 2.0 – OpenID Connect – Enrollment – Selenium

IcingaWeb2 offers several ways to extend its functionality. While there are already several proxy implementations for IcingaWeb2 and OIDC, I aim to achieve this by creating a module. This approach allows the continued use of the API endpoints, local users, and LDAP login.
The second module allows user registration via email. The token URL is valid for a period of time, allowing newly enrolled users to set their own passwords.
The last module provides a simple Selenium test suite interpreter. You can create Selenium test suites using a browser extension and upload them to IcingaWeb2 where you can run the tests manually or use the icingacli check command to trigger the test suite against a host or service.


  • Nicolas Schneider
    Nicolas Schneider
    RISE GmbH

    Nicolas Schneider is also known as moreamazingnick. He studied medical computer science at TU Wien. Nicolas enjoys working with PHP, extending Icinga Web, fixing bugs in Icinga Web 2 modules, and writing new, interesting modules. Currently, he is employed at RISE GmbH. Nicolas is actively engaged in the Icinga community forum, providing assistance to those in need.


Nov 20 - 21 2024