Ignite: A day in the life of an OSS maintainer

A walk through of a typical day in the life of an OSS maintainer, in this case my role within the Fluent Bit CNCF observability project: https://github.com/fluent/fluent-bit
Highlighting how contribution is typically handled by the Fluent organisation to give people an insight into what happens with their issues, pull requests and other types of contribution. Real world examples of specific contributions of not just code changes, but CICD and docs too. It should show you how best to document an issue or provide a pull request plus also a call to action for areas we need help with. It will also present a little of how I got into the OSS maintainer role starting from an atypical Defence background through initial community engagement into the maintainer role.


  • Patrick Stephens
    Patrick Stephens

    Pat has over 20 years experience in software engineering, primarily in the defence domain at Thales. The last few years of this were focused on transformation first to containers then Kubernetes. After Thales he worked on the cloud native team at Couchbase, working on their Golang-based Kubernetes operator. This included producing a custom Fluent Bit deployment for observability needs. Calyptia (founded by the Fluent maintainers) then approached him to come work with them building out their observability products prior to their acquisition this year by Chronosphere.


Nov 20 - 21 2024