IGNITE: Observability with Grafana & Prometheus for Kafka on Kubernetes (CFK) | (EN)

Self-managing a highly scalable distributed system with Apache Kafka® at its core is not an easy feat. That’s why operators prefer tooling such as Confluent Control Center for administering and monitoring their deployments. However, sometimes, you might also like to import monitoring data into a third-party metrics aggregation platform for service correlations, consolidated dashboards, root cause analysis, or more fine-grained alerts. If you’ve ever asked a question along these lines: Can I export JMX data from Confluent clusters to my monitoring system with minimal configuration? What if I could correlate this service’s data spike with metrics from Confluent clusters in a single UI pane? Can I configure some Grafana dashboards for Confluent clusters?

This talk will enable you on achieving the below:
Monitoring Your Event Streams: Integrating Confluent with Prometheus and Grafana (this article)
Monitoring Your Event Streams: Tutorial for Observability Into Apache Kafka Clients


  • Geetha Anne
    Geetha Anne

    Geetha is a Solutions engineer in the big data management space with experience in executing solutions for business problems on cloud and on-premises. She loved distributed computing during her undergrad days and has followed my interest ever since. She provides technical guidance, design advice, and thought leadership to key Confluent customers and partners, helping translate their enterprise business needs into right technical solutions, ensuring highest level of customer success and maturity, while keeping it all simple.


Nov 15 2022


13:45 - 13:50