IGNITE: System for measuring and recording remote climatic parameters …

based on radio frequency telemetry and GSM (EN)

The goal of this work is to develop a system for measuring and recording climate parameters remotely through a wireless telemetry system. This system consists of two major components, 1) a component for the measurement of meteorological parameters such as pressure, temperature and humidity, and safety parameters such as gas and smoke sensors, 2) a transmission component for sending and receiving data through radio bands and GSM modules (Global System for Mobile Communications). The system is based on two Arduino boards that have been designed and developed. This system has enabled the detection and measurement of meteorological information over a long distance and the transmission of this information to a central or host location, which promotes great spatial flexibility and ease of use in remote areas where it can be used. It is not possible to use wire or coaxial cables. With this technology, the system operator can also store measurement values over a long period of time and have a useful database for assessing and monitoring climate change and climate change.


  • Imed Sghaier
    Imed Sghaier
    Institute of Arid Land, TUNISIA

    Imed Sghaier is an Senior Engineer at Arid Regions Institute (IRA) of Medenine, Department of Information, Computer Science, Documentation and Archive.
    He is the responsible of computer and networks laboratory. He is also member of LESOR Laboratory and remote sensing unit at the IRA Institute. He is distinguished for his research and working on Telecommunications and Computer Networks management, Geographic information systems, Environmental information systems and models. He contributed to several international research projects and seminars since 2007. He has authored and co-authored more than 5 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters.


Nov 16 2022


13:35 - 13:40


Nov 16 – Ignites Jacobi