IGNITE: That’s nuts! A proof of concept of Icinga2 on Kubernetes using Acorn (EN)

Icinga2 with its many moving parts, credentials for database, API, and other features, and layered topology can be considered a pretty complex system. When deploying to Kubernetes, it might in fact prove overwhelming when transitioning from ‘traditional’ setups. In this Ignite Talk, we will have a quick look at typical Icinga2 setups you might encounter in the wilds and how we can deploy them to Kubernetes clusters using acorn (https://acorn.io), a new deployment application framework for Kubernetes aimed at simplicity and developer experience. We will explore acorn’s basic idea(s), how it is configured and used in production, and where its shortcomings as of today might lie while going through the process of deploying a full-blown Icinga2 setup to a Kubernetes cluster.


  • Daniel Bodky
    Daniel Bodky
    NETWAYS Professional Services GmbH

    Daniel is a consultant at NETWAYS Professional Services and is fond of all things monitoring, automation and cloud-native. His duties comprise client work including Icinga2 and Kubernetes as well as teaching open source technologies during workshops and trainings. He came to NETWAYS roughly one year ago after a degree in Computational Linguistics but has some years of experience with Icinga2 under his belt already. Since the start of the year, Daniel has been looking into cloud-native technologies, mainly Kubernetes and its vast ecosystem of tools, and became CKA certified in the process.
    After attending OSMC 2021 and KubeCon EU 2022, he now wants to switch from the visitor’s to the speaker’s perspective.
    When Daniel is not trying out new frameworks, tools, or lifehacks after-hours, he enjoys coding on some pet projects – mainly in Python and Rust -, reading a book or two, or playing video games with friends.


Nov 15 2022


13:50 - 13:55