(EN) Improved Observability Using Automated, OpenCensus-based Application Monitoring Solutions

Today’s complexity of enterprise software systems increases the importance of observability and monitoring solutions. DevOps teams or the developers and operators in the “classical world”, respectively, need clear transparency about the performance, availability and reliability behavior of their software-systems to be able to manage an appropriate level of service quality. Besides the big, commercial Application Performance Management (APM) solutions the open-source market provides a huge variety of different tools targeting different aspects of APM. Combining these tools opens great potential for building flexible, tailored APM solutions. Open standards, such as OpenTracing, OpenCensus or OpenMetrics are supporting the vendor-independent collection of data. However, most of the open tools that are based on these standards still require manual adoption of code to instrument applications for data collection. Often, such code changes are not desired or simply just not possible. In this talk, we will present an open, OpenCensus-based approach that provides a simple, yet flexible, configuration-based way of collecting monitoring and business data. Data can be collected without the need for manual code changes. As OpenCensus is used under the hood, this approach allows creating tailored APM solutions, as monitoring backends can be exchanged without any additional overhead. In this talk, we give insights into the OpenCensus standard and show how OpenCensus instrumentation can be automated. Through practical examples using different open tools, we demonstrate the flexibility of the presented approach.


Nov 06 2019


12:00 - 13:00




  • Tobias Angerstein
    Tobias Angerstein
    Novatec Consulting

    Tobias Angerstein is a performance consultant at the Novatec Consulting GmbH. Since his successful studies in software engineering at the University of Stuttgart, he is part of the Digital Experience and Data Intelligence department at the NovaTec Consulting GmbH.
    Besides supporting customers in various performance related topics, Tobias Angerstein is an enthusiastic supporter of the Open Source monitoring community. Since over 4 years, he is actively contributing to Open Source projects such as inspectIT and inspectIT Ocelot.

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