Is Building an Observability Platform with Open Source the Right Choice?

In the evolving landscape of modern software development, observability has become an essential part of organizations to ensure health, performance, and stability of their applications. As businesses embrace cloud-native technologies, a growing need to optimize system performance and deliver exceptional user experiences has emerged. This talk dives into the possibilities of leveraging open-source solutions for building robust observability platforms and addresses the inevitable question: Is open source the right choice? In this session, we will navigate the business impact of observability, discuss the common pitfalls and how to avoid them and discuss how you can unlock the potential of open source for enhancing observability. Open source drives everything we do as it fully fuels our Red Hat Observability platform: Prometheus, Thanos, Jaeger, Tempo, OpenTelemetry, Observatorium, Loki, Vector, Kepler, Korrel8r, and Perses, to mention a few. Attendees will leave equipped with a thorough guide to build their own observability platform, gain insights on what to expect next, and explore the future trends in observability. Join us as we unravel the critical role that open source can play in driving growth, agility, and innovation for businesses in the ever-changing digital era.


  • Vanessa Martini
    Vanessa Martini
    Red Hat

    Vanessa is a Product Manager in the Observability group at Red Hat, focusing on both OpenShift Analytics and Observability UI. She is particularly interested in turning observability signals into answers. She loves to combine her passions: data and languages.


Nov 20 - 21 2024