Kiora: A less opionated Alertmanager

In this talk, Colin will introduce Kiora, a drop in experimental Alertmanager that provides an extensible way to implement this business logic, while also providing built in solutions for common problems, such as ratelimiting, multi-tenancy, and alert observability.


  • Colin Douch
    Colin Douch

    Colin currently Tech Leads the Observability Platform Team at Cloudflare, orchestrating and inventing solutions to better serve Cloudflare’s increasingly large global footprint of services around the world. Starting in Mining, he has been working, advising, and researching in the Monitoring and Observability space for close to 10 years and has gained a wide perspective into the difficulties that modern companies, big and small, deal with in properly introspecting their systems, both physical and computerised. Originally from New Zealand, he now lives in Melbourne, Australia where he frequently runs talks on Observability developments, introducing new graduates to the world of Observability, and usually teaching some of the old timers something new too.


Nov 09 2023


16:15 - 16:45