Metrics Stream Processing Using Riemann (EN)

This talk will cover:

Introduction to Riemann
* In-memory stream processing system written in clojure
* How it can easily process millions of events per second
* Configuration is clojure code

What problems Riemann solves in the today’s world of Prometheus & Datadog
* High cardinality metrics problem: Since all processing is done in*memory, riemann can handle high cardinality issue much better than prometheus.
* Instant detection: Since riemann uses websockets, an issue is instantly reflected into dashboard. In prometheus, it will only get reflected after next scrape.

Riemann concepts
* Event
* Stream
* Index
* Integrations

Riemann Stream Processing Engine
* Types of functions on riemann streams.
* Examples:
* Combine multiple streams into one stream.
* Split one stream into multiple streams.
* Filter, roll up, throttle, coalesce events.

Extending Riemann
* How riemann schema is extendable and use for streaming other events like logs.

* Using docker-compose setup of riemann to present the power of riemann and riemann-dash.


  • Pradeep Chhetri
    Pradeep Chhetri

    Pradeep is an SRE at Cloudflare. Originally from Nepal, he is now based in Singapore. In his free time, he enjoys travelling and hiking.


Nov 16 2022


11:30 - 12:00