(EN) Monitoring @ G&D

At G&D we have one ICINGA system specialized in monitoring our complex SAP environment. To keep ICINGA “up to date” the “Config Build” is automated with the help of GLPI.
All technical information’s are collected by GLPI’s “Fusioninventory” plugin, some custom ICINGA fields are added with the “Fields” plugin to our Server- , Database- and SAP Objects.
To build the ICINGA configuration we use various database views (GLPI’s mysql) and some python scripts … but it would be possible to use the “Icinga Director” as well.
Finally, we are informed if the monitoring configuration would change due to system changes detected by GLPI. This means that we can adjust our monitoring fully- or semi-automatically.


  • Karsten Fischer
    Karsten Fischer
    Giesecke & Devrient

    Karsten has been working at Giesecke & Devrient for 20 years now. Before that he worked at the “Advance Bank” and the “Bayerische Vereinsbank”.
    His current focus (for about 2 years) is in the area of SAP Basis Administration, earlier Karsten worked at G&D on different topics like IT Security (PKI with Smartcards, Firewalls, VPN), Network, Monitoring (Icinga), Log-Management (ELK), IT Asset Management (GLPI), LDAP, Databases, Programming, …

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