Monitoring in a Serverless World (EN)

Serverless applications are becoming a more and more attractive architecture of deploying software, providing many benefits over more traditional architectures. Unfortunately, due to the locked-in nature of Serverless platforms, monitoring options outside of vendor provided solutions are scarce. But does that mean we are doomed to be subject to Vendor lock-in? In this talk, Colin will cover the landscape of existing open source solutions to monitoring serverless applications, as well as present Cloudflares solution to how they monitor their increasingly large portfolio of serverless applications.


  • Colin Douch
    Colin Douch

    Colin currently Tech Leads the Observability Platform Team at Cloudflare, orchestrating and inventing solutions to Monitor and Debug Cloudflares infrastructure. Starting in Mining, he has been working, in the Observability space for close to 10 years with companies both big and small.


Nov 16 2022


14:45 - 15:15