(EN) Naemon and Friends

Naemon is the engine of several opensource monitoring solutions. This talk will take a look at what’s new in and around Naemon. I will try to answer questions like, what is a NEB module and what can it do for me? What are common addons and tools used together with Naemon. While investigating some interesing scenarios i will share some best practices, for example the LMD livestatus proxy or the new Mod-Gearman worker.


Nov 06 2019


14:15 - 15:00




  • Sven Nierlein
    Sven Nierlein
    ConSol Consulting & Solutions Software GmbH

    Sven Nierlein works as monitoring expert, consultant and software developer at Consol Software GmbH in munich and uses linux for more than 20 years so far. He creates concepts, is developing customer solutions and works on monitoring related opensource projects. He is the main author of Thruk, Mod-Gearman and is member of the OMD, Naemon and Monitoring-Plugins team.

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