O11y@DATEV – 10% luck, 50% skill and 40% concentrated power of will

As a major developer and operator of applications, DATEV needs reliable information about their status at all times. This session will focus on the challenges of implementing a full stack observability solution, both in terms of the mindset of the developers and technically. What approaches did we use when we started the project almost two years ago, and how do we ensure that we will continue to meet the needs of our internal customers, the DevOps teams and the SRE units in the future and provide added value on an ongoing basis? Why the use of industry standards is so important, what community-driven support is and why everything can go down the drain as soon as different cultures collide.


  • Gunter Geib
    Gunter Geib
    DATEV eG

    As lead architect, Gunter designs and implements solutions in the area of observability and AIOps with his teams. The primary goal is to harmonize the needs of the DevOps/SRE units with economic efficiency, legal and operational requirements regarding data protection and the further development of the industry towards cloud and SaaS. The immediate involvement of users, ITSM, automation frameworks and other relevant stakeholders is mandatory. The main focus is on the highest possible effectiveness, feasibility, and standardization, not on flowery promises via PowerPoint. He has been working at DATEV for 20 years, right after graduating from university. Since then, Gunter has been primarily involved in monitoring and event management. In recent years, observability and, most recently, AIOps have been added. He is married and the father of two boys, twins, aged 14. When he is not working, Gunter can be found in his man-cave (home cinema) or at events organised by the Heilsbronn cultural association, where he is on the board and help wherever he can.


Nov 20 - 21 2024