IGNITE: Observability has a DX problem!

Observability has a DX problem! The metrics, traces and logs we generate in production (in huge quantity) do not easily relate to the mental models we create as we write code. This disparity creates a large hurdle for us to overcome in order to understand how the code we write is performing and slows down our efforts to troubleshoot our applications.
Enter Autometrics! An open-source micro framework designed to make observability easy to add and understand for developers. In this talk we will cover what autometrics is, how it works and how you can use it to go from zero to (understandable) observability in a flash.


  • Ivan Merrill
    Ivan Merrill

    Ivan Merrill is Head of Solutions Engineering at Fiberplane, based in Amsterdam. Before joining Fiberplane Ivan spent 15 years in large financial enterprises helping teams understand the power of monitoring and observability, whilst leading large-scale deployments of monitoring tools on rather important banking systems.


Nov 08 2023


13:40 - 13:45