(EN) Open Source API-HUB – Connect Icinga2, Zabbix, CheckMK and more with OpenCelium

Using a smart service bus system with a good web access GUI to synchronize your data from one to another system. How is it possible? A loose coupled architecture, combined with the newest technologies and smart backend core system. We are using default parameters of api documentations like WSDL to integrate other systems to OpenCelium. How do we define the communications? We provide an overview, where you can setup the order of calls and also the using of operators like iterations and conditions and all based on Open Source tools. I will explain architecture and show you the overview with real examples like synchronizing host between Icinga2, Zabbix and CheckMK. So please don’t miss it.


  • Jakob Semere
    Jakob Semere
    becon GmbH

    OpenCelium connects applications in a simple way, so they can communicate seamlessly and share data easily – similar to how the mycelium network in the forest floor allows trees to communicate with each other. With OpenCelium, writing and updating API scripts becomes a simple drag-and-drop operation on a convenient front end for the IT administrator.

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