OpenTelemetry and Epsagon – A Love Story In Three Acts

Epsagon developers use OpenTelemetry excessively to create a sustainable observability product. But it wasn’t always like this. This talk will share the story of Epsagon adopting OpenTelemetry into its systems, the mistakes that were made in the process, how it became a part of the OpenTelemetry community, and how it all came together with Epsagon being acquired by Cisco. This talk will cover: Recent history of observability with an emphasis on OpenTelemetry The different paths to use open source projects in general, and OpenTelemetry in particular, to create valuable products for your customers. How to become a part of OpenTelemetry Pitfalls to avoid when using OpenTelemetry (and open source in general) – Benefits to the Ecosystem Observability is a big challenge for development teams. Using OpenTelemetry can save teams time and money, and allow teams not to be locked to a specific vendor.


  • Yosef Arbiv
    Yosef Arbiv

    Yosef Arbiv is married to Adi and father of three, currently R&D Team Leader at the Emerging Technologies and Incubation group in Cisco. Yosef’s team is focused on building the cloud SDKs for Cisco’s full stack observability product. His prior experience includes Team leader and Software Engineer at Argus cyber security, Cyberbit and IDF Intelligence Forces. Computer Science MSc graduate from Bar Ilan University. Yosef is passionate about people, coding, and the combination of the two.


Nov 09 2023


15:30 - 16:00