Ignite (streamed from room Jacobi – if required) | (EN) Overengineering your personal website; the hold my beer edition

Let’s be honest, whether consciously or not we all do it. In this talk we’ll discuss how far down the rabbit whole one can go, while serving only a single static html page. From the humble beginnings as a markdown file to automation and several layers of monitoring and automation. We are now 2 years on from the last time we discussed this, so it’s time to show how many more layers of stupid can be added.


  • Bram Vogelaar
    Bram Vogelaar
    The Factory

    Bram Vogelaar spent the first part of his career as a Molecular Biologist, he then moved on to supporting his peers by building tools and platforms for them with a lot of Open Source technologies. He now works as a DevOps Cloud Engineer at The Factory, whose mission it is to solve customers cloud challenges and to transition their environments to the (public) cloud.

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