The Power of Metrics, Logs & Traces with Open Source (EN)

The talk will show how organisations can drastically reduce their MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) by using, integrating & correlating the open source tools Mimir, Loki & Tempo. We will then take the next step into open source reliability testing to even avoid problems in the first place. And yes, we will use Grafana 🙂


  • Emil-Andreas Siemes
    Emil-Andreas Siemes
    Grafana Labs

    Emil A. Siemes is a long-term IT expert interested in building, running, and managing the next generation of distributed and data-driven web and mobile applications. After having worked at different companies like Sun Microsystems, VMware/Springsource, Hortonworks, Mesosphere & Google Emil joined Grafana Labs where he helps customers on their observability journey. Emil has a master degree in Physics from Technical University Munich and wrote his Master thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Physics (Werner Heisenberg Institute) where he worked on the theory of supersymmetry.


Nov 16 2022


10:15 - 11:15