Thruk 3 – Monitoring at glance got a fresh look (EN)

The Thruk web ui, capable of handling millions of services served well for many years. It still does, and even got more useful features. This talk will introduce the brand new Thruk 3 release coming with a completely reworked interface. There will be a little bit for everyone.


  • Sven Nierlein
    Sven Nierlein
    ConSol Consulting & Solutions Software GmbH

    Sven Nierlein works as monitoring expert, consultant and software developer at Consol Software GmbH in Munich and uses Linux for more than 20 years so far. He creates concepts, is developing customer solutions and works on monitoring related opensource projects. He is the founder of Thruk, LMD, Mod-Gearman and is member of the OMD, Naemon and Monitoring-Plugins team.


Nov 16 2022


14:00 - 14:30