Foreman is a lifecycle management tool for servers combining provisioning, configuration management and reporting.


This workshop will start with a fresh installation of Foreman ready to add provisioning of virtual Linux machines. Puppet as configuration management will ensure the virtual machine is ready to use and the Remote Execution plugin will allow you to orchestrate your machines. While doing the setup to get all this working the students will take a look behind the curtain and learn about architecture, requirements and capabilities of Foreman.


  • Architecture
  • Installation
  • Provisioning
  • Configurationmanagement
  • Usermanagement
  • Remote Execution
  • Advanced Topics



While most tasks will be done in the Foreman WebUI, students should bring basic knowledge of Linux and be comfortable to use the command line for looking behind the curtain and debugging. Puppet knowledge is not required but helpful and the same applies to DNS, DHCP and Linux provisioning basics.


Hosted by: Dirk Goetz
Held in German