Build your K8s knowledge cluster

As a hands-on introduction, this Kubernetes training enables first experiences in using Kubernetes from a developer and operations perspective. The workshop uses examples and experiments to show how the key features of Kubernetes can make your day-to-day work easier. You will learn how containers work and how to start and run them in Kubernetes, as well as how to store data and access applications from the outside.

  • Container basics using examples
  • Accessing Kubernetes for management
  • Kubernetes architecture
  • Reading and using the Kubernetes API
  • Running containers in Kubernetes
  • Access services from internal or extern
  • Installation and operation of Kubernetes are not discussed in this workshop


Definition of target group:
Participants should already have good experience with Linux on the command line and know how network, file system and services work on Linux. Experience with web servers and applications is an advantage. A basic understanding of containers using Docker or similar solutions will make it easier to get started.

Hosted by: Daniel Bodky
Language: German